Family Studio Portraits

At your portrait session we will create a fantastic set of portraits of you and your family that I sincerely hope you will treasure for years to come. The groupings and poses will be tailored to your specific preferences, and there are a variety of options for final presentation from prints only to contemporary frames, high quality albums or jpegs for screen display.

Studio Portrait sittings are held at premises in Rushmere and allow a great variety of hi key poses to be achieved as the white background is large. Other background options are available if required.

There is no obligation to buy - your portraits will be available online to view after your sitting, so you can decide in your own time which you would like to order.

There are a variety of "Portrait Packages", albums and modern framing options available, or you can order prints to frame yourself - please see the price list for details. The Portrait Packages and Albums pricing are designed to allow you to buy a set of prints from your portrait session at a value for money price with flexible size and quantity options, giving you maximum value from your sitting.

You can see the full price list for Studio and Home Portraits here.

There is detailed advice on what to wear (and what not to wear!) here.

Please contact me if you would like to book a sitting.

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