Studio Clothing Advice

Clothing can make a big difference to the end result of the portraits!

The usual style of a studio session is casual/relaxed. Its important that everyone’s clothing “goes together” – try to avoid any one individual standing out like a sore thumb! This does not mean everyone has to be dressed in the same colour though, and a mix of plain and patterned tops should work fine.

The following guidance is suggested:

1) Wear something you are comfortable in. You will be posing standing, sitting and lying on the white background

2) Bare feet look best in this type of shot. Ladies may wish to paint toe nails! If you really don’t want bare feet, everyone should wear black or plain dark socks of the same colour

3) To unify the group, everyone in jeans will work well. Spring/summer coloured tops or light neutral tops work best on the white background

4) Long sleeve tops are preferable for adults and older children (bare arms, particularly in the men, can be distracting in the final images)

5) Try to check that no one person really stands out from the group. You can bring several tops with you if you are unsure

6) Avoid big patterns, e.g. large flower prints, checks or large stripes. Ladies - do accessorise though!

7) Avoid big motifs or and slogans on childrens (or adults) tops

8) If you have contact lenses, these would be preferable to glasses, although reflections in glasses are not normally a problem unless the prescription is very strong

9) Men's watches can stand out in the final prints, so preferably these should be removed for the shoot

10) The above is only guidance - do not let it stop you coming in what you feel right in!!

If you would like to bring a change of clothing, this can be accommodated (there will be private changing facilites), for example if you want some shots of the children in particular outfits, or if you would like shots of the adults as a couple in different outfits to the group shots, or some more formal attire shots.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do get in touch before your photo session.